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Current Practices at St. Barnabas in Response to COVID-19

  • Masks are optional for all in-person gatherings at St. Barnabas

  • Sunday Morning Prayer is currently being held weekly via Zoom and in person. Call or email the office for Zoom access information.

  • Grace's Kitchen is serving take-out lunches at its regular hours. More information and pictures of our current operations are below.

COVID-19 Update at St. B's

August 4, 2021

Grace’s Kitchen

We have determined at this time in continuing to provide meals with the following procedures, please respect our decisions as we attend to minimizing crowd size due to COVID-19.


  1. We are only offering take-out options for meals until further notice. 

  2. We will deliver meals at our South Door, on North Street.

  3. We are offering one bottled or canned beverage as drink option per meal, which we may not have on hand due to current circumstances.

  4. We will assist in bringing meal to sidewalk and ground level for guests, please let this need be known to our volunteers so they can bring meal to ground level.

  5. Our bathrooms and public spaces are not available until further notice.  


Meals Served:

Tuesday 12-1 pm

Thursday 12-1 pm

Saturday 12-12:30 pm



Our office is open during all regular hours.


Sunday Morning Prayer is currently being held both in person and via Zoom. Masking is optional for those attending in person, but we are still providing masks to anyone who desires to wear one.


Church Activities

Church activities have been re-started with optional masking. Visit our page of Upcoming Events to learn more.


Grace’s Volunteers

We are welcoming volunteers to help with Grace's Kitchen. Tasks would be:

  • Cleaning

  • Prepping take-out lunches

  • Distributing

All kitchen safety protocols are in place and volunteers will be trained on how to prep and distribute food safely. We will support volunteers in finding tasks that align with their need for personal health and safety. We ask all potential volunteers to be attentive to their own health and contacts to ensure that we are caring for the health of all of our staff and guests.


Updated COVID Guidelines from Bishop Kym

August 10, 2022

Dear Siblings in Christ,


First and foremost: thank you. Thank you for your patience and faithfulness as we have navigated the twists and turns of life with a pandemic. I am deeply grateful for all that you have done, especially the ways in which you have demonstrated your love and care for others. Your leadership kept congregations in the Episcopal Church of Colorado from being "super-spreaders," while keeping God's people spiritually fed and active in the service of God and neighbor.


As we are (God willing) emerging from the worst of the pandemic, Canon Carl Andrews and I offer the following updates to our gathering recommendations.


While most government authorities and business entities are now mask optional, I am keenly aware that our "littles" (i.e., those five and under) are now eligible to receive vaccines, but not all have completed the series. I also recognize that most of our health facilities continue to require masks to gain entry. Because of these realities, I strongly encourage the continued use of masks, especially in large, in-door gatherings where small children are present. This is an encouragement, not a mandate; I will trust your leadership in this matter.


I expect that all clergy and laity will be vaccinated and boosted before attending diocesan conferences, convention, and gatherings (unless there is a medical exemption). This includes participation in events at Cathedral Ridge.


With regards to the sacrament, we have not been giving the "all clear" around the common cup; however, I invite congregations to consider intinction as a first step. Canon Carl suggests that we are not currently ready for each person to intinct for themselves, therefore I recommend that each parishioner receive a host and that the chalice bearer (masked and hands sanitized or gloved) accepts the host from the recipient, dips it in the chalice and returns it, either handing it back or placing it on the tongue. Congregations are welcome to return to using homemade bread if that is a part of your communion practice.


As always, we remember that communion in one kind is a full and complete sacrament. Those communities who do not feel ready to return to the common cup are welcome to continue their current practices. Once we have a vaccination option for our most vulnerable, we can consider returning fully to a common cup.


Congregations may return prayer books and hymnals to the pews, and leaders may consider resuming the passing of the plate at the offertory and people gathering at the altar rail to receive the sacrament.


Over the past several weeks, we have seen many changes in terms of masking, CDC guidelines, and the lifting of mandates. I pray that we will continue letting science, our medical professionals, and our commitment to being imitators of Christ guide us in how we live together as Church. Jesus commands us to love one another as he loves us. 


I give thanks for all of you and for all the sacrifices you have made in the name of Love. 


Yours In Christ,


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