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Current Practices at St. Barnabas in Response to COVID-19

  • Masks are required for all in-person gatherings at St. Barnabas

  • Our office is currently closed to in-person visitors. We are responsive to phone and emails, so please reach out!

  • Sunday Morning Prayer is currently being held weekly via Zoom and in person, with masks, social distancing, and limited capacity. Call or email the office for Zoom access information, and visit our Upcoming at St. B's page for information on the current Sunday.

  • Some in-person activities are starting back up! Conversation, Book Group, and Centering Prayer are now meeting in person with masks.

  • Grace's Kitchen is serving take-out lunches at its regular hours. More information and pictures of our current operations are below.

  • Fr. Doug is refraining from pastoral visitation at this time. If you need pastoral support, please reach out by email, phone, or text

COVID-19 Update at St. B's

August 4, 2021

Grace’s Kitchen

We have determined at this time in continuing to provide meals with the following procedures, please respect our decisions as we attend to minimizing crowd size due to COVID-19.


  1. We are only offering take-out options for meals until further notice. 

  2. We will deliver meals at our South Door, on North Street.

  3. We are offering one bottled or canned beverage as drink option per meal, which we may not have on hand due to current circumstances.

  4. We will assist in bringing meal to sidewalk and ground level for guests, please let this need be known to our volunteers so they can bring meal to ground level.

  5. Our bathrooms and public spaces are not available until further notice.  


Meals Served:

Tuesday 12-1 pm

Thursday 12-1 pm

Saturday 12-12:30 pm



Our office will be closed to in-person visitors until further notice. We will be responsive by phone (970-565-7865) and email ( at our normal office hours, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.


Church Member Access

We know that many church members have keys that allow them to enter St. Barnabas when the office is closed. In order to not place the kitchen at risk and continue the ministry of the church through Grace’s Kitchen, we are asking all church members to:​

  • Follow protocols for stopping the spread of germs while at St. Barnabas, including frequent handwashing, disinfecting surfaces, staying home when sick, and covering coughs and sneezes

  • Please wear a mask at all times within the space.


Sunday Morning Prayer is currently being held both in person and via Zoom. We are asking in person attendees to wear a mask and practice physical distancing in the space.


Our ministries are reliant upon your generosity. At this time, there is an even greater need for St. Barnabas’ ministries within the community. You can be active in our ministries’ continuance through your financial giving. You can donate or make pledge payments in the offertory basket, or by mailing a check, dropping it through the mail slot, or online through Paypal (scroll down for link).


Church Activities

We are currently re-starting some in person activities! Aside from Grace's, Community Conversation, Book Club, and Centering Prayer are now meeting in person. Sunlight AA and Montezuma Youth Pride are still meeting by Zoom. Stay tuned for further in person and virtual offerings. We are requiring masks at all in-person gatherings.


Sunlight AA Zoom info HERE

Pastoral Visitation

Father Doug is refraining from person-to-person visitation at this time. If you are in need of pastoral support, please call, email, or text him.


Grace’s Volunteers

We are welcoming volunteers to help with Grace's Kitchen willing to be on call to help out when there is a need. Tasks would be:

  • Cleaning

  • Prepping take-out lunches

  • Distributing

All kitchen safety protocols are in place and volunteers will be trained on how to prep and distribute food safely. We will support volunteers in finding tasks that align with their need for personal health and safety. We ask all potential volunteers to be attentive to their own health and contacts to ensure that we are caring for the health of all of our staff and guests.

Updated COVID Guidelines from Bishop Kym

August 4, 2021

Dear Siblings in Christ,


The current pandemic is far from over. Recently, there has been an alarming increase in infections and hospitalizations due to the Delta Variant of the coronavirus, especially among the unvaccinated. While we strongly encourage that everyone eligible to receive a vaccine get vaccinated, we cannot presume to know the vaccination status of everyone who enters our doors. We do know, however, that children under the age of 12 cannot receive any of the available vaccines, and there are others who for various reasons cannot receive the vaccine.


While this is not the news any of us wanted, it is in these moments that we are called to live out our faith and the great commandment to love God, yourself, and love our neighbor. I would like to update our May 24th recommendations considering recent events.


  • Gathering: Outdoors strongly preferred. Indoor gatherings should be distanced and masked.


  • Social distancing: Maintain reasonable distance before, during, and after worship, especially indoors; Six feet distancing is preferred. No physical contact.


  • Masks: Everyone is asked to be masked indoors, regardless of vaccination status. Preachers and readers may unmask during worship. Congregations with inter-generational gatherings are strongly urged to gather outdoors, if possible. 


  • Eucharist: Communion in one kind is encouraged; other manners of doing Eucharist in both kinds have been successful, but we will continue to forego the common cup of any kind; Distribution with gloves or tongs.


  • Hand sanitizer: This should be applied multiple times throughout the service.


  • Singing: Choir, with members vaccinated, at 10′ distance can sing without masks. Congregational singing should be limited to a minimum and always masked.


  • Fellowship: Minimal food, coffee, with appropriate COVID handling of food. Individually wrapped or gloves for those distributing food is preferred.


  • Children: Any person, volunteer, or employee working with children must have been vaccinated. If children are present, masks should always be worn (regardless of vaccination status). All protocols followed: hand sanitizer, distancing, outdoors as possible.


  • Hospital & Pastoral Visits: Everyone is asked to be masked indoors, and limit visits to less than 30 minutes when possible.


My goal is to care for those who are vulnerable and for us to do our part to end hospitalizations and deaths. As we learn more about research, vaccination, and variants, I will work with Canon Carl Andrews to monitor our state. Any recommendations will maintain a measured approach until this pandemic is behind us. At a minimum, we will continue to follow any CDC directives/guidance to combat this pandemic.


Please encourage all those eligible in your community to get vaccinated. In the meantime, I am grateful for the efforts of many who continue to safely adapt to our ever-changing environment. I appreciate how each congregation is finding new and creative ways to be inclusive while tending to the various needs of our people, whether gathered in-person and online.




Bishop Kym Lucas



Community members pick up lunches at tables in St. Barnabas courtyard

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4:2 Grace's 4
4:2 Grace's 4

St. Barnabas fellowship hall and kitchen set up with tables and food supplies. Volunteers working

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4:2 Grace's 2
4:2 Grace's 2

Tables set up for takeout in the St. Barnabas courtyard

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Community members pick up lunches at tables in St. Barnabas courtyard

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