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Upcoming at St. Barnabas
January 23-29

Community Events  


             Sunlight AA

                Mon, 10:00am, Thurs, 10:00am, Sat, 7:30am


Congregational Events 


            Grace’s Soup Kitchen (curbside) 

                Tues & Thurs, 12-1pm, 

                Sat, 12-12:30pm


            Vestry Meeting

                Tues, 4:00pm


            Women’s Lunch at Mi Mexico

                Wed, 1:00pm

Typical Weekly Activities  


            Propers Study

                Wed, 10:30am


            Centering Prayer

                Wed, 12:15pm



            Holy Eucharist

               Sun, 10:00am in person and via Zoom:

              Contact office for Zoom info


Sunday – January 29

4 Epiphany



Micah 6:1-8

1 Corinthians 1:18-31

Matthew 5:1-12

Psalm 15

This Month at St. Barnabas

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