Proper Study, Lenten Forum, and Centering Prayer are currently suspended. Morning Prayer is currently being held via Zoom and in person, with masks, social distancing, and limited church capacity. Call or email the office for access information.


If ou would like to join in daily prayer and meditation on the Gospel through the Disciple's Prayerbook, open up the introductory letter and Prayerbook resources below! Recordings of the daily prayers and Gospel readings are to the right. You can follow along in the Prayerbook and pause the recordings for contemplation when prompted (Disciple's Prayerbook will also be used during Lent).

At the bottom of the recordings you will find Compline, the evening prayer.





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A Disciple's Prayerbook

Resource for daily meditation on the Gospel

Introduction to A Disciple's Prayerbook

A letter with guidance from Rev. Doug

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An Order for Compline

From the Book of Common Prayer



10:00 am - Morning Prayer via Zoom

We are currently holding Morning Prayer over Zoom and in person, with COVID precautions. Feel free to follow along in the Book of Common Prayer (linked below). 

Call or email the office for Zoom access information!

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Book of Common Prayer

Morning Prayer: Rite II

Found on Page 75


Centering Prayer is on hold until further notice.


The Great Litany

Often times used during times of crisis and conflict, locally and nationally. You can find a recording of the Great Litany posted with our other worship recordings. (Posted during COVID-19 and June 2020 Black Lives Matter protests)

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The Great Litany

From Enriching Our Worship 1

Adapted during the time of COVID-19 and 2020 Black Lives Matter Protests

The Great Litany includes a space for remembrance by name of those who have died. If you would like to include the names of Black and Indigenous victims of police violence in your prayers, you can find non-comprehensive lists linked here: 

NPR Code Switch Podcast: A Decade of Watching Black People Die

North American Indigenous Victims of Police Brutality

Litany of Remembrance and Lament

You can find a recording of the Litany of Remembrance and Lament posted with our other worship recordings. (Posted during COVID-19 and June 2020 Black Lives Matter protests)

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Litany of Remembrance and Lament

From Enriching Our Worship 5