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Greetings my friends in God,


As we prepare for entering our Lenten journeys this month, I am realizing personally that I feel that I have not completed last year’s Lenten journey. Our lives were shaped quite differently last Lent due to the rise of COVID and the new actions for public health and safety as our practices. Also, liturgically and ritually speaking the actions of Holy Week and the celebration of the Easter Eucharist had to be re-imagined. So, on one hand for me it feels as a year-long Lenten journey in my life in Christ, yet on the other hand realizing that our marking time is not the end all to our relationship with God and being the Church.


So, as I prepare to enter Lent per our liturgical marking of time and acknowledging my fatigue of COVID, I give thanks for our continued work in the ministry of feeding anyone in need of meal, assisting people with the Rector’s Ministry Fund, the work of our baptismal covenant to ‘in striving for justice and peace among all people, and respecting the dignity of every human being’ (BCP, 305), and the support of you all in ministering to each other. We once again are called to undertake this discipline once again as we enter Lent this year.


Our Ash Wednesday, February 17, will offer be an ‘Ashes-to-go’ service. Ashes will be made available for you to pick up beginning Sunday February 14 for you to impose on yourself and your family with a streamed Ash Wednesday Service that you can participate in at any time on Ash Wednesday February 17.


Also, as is part of your tradition at St. Barnabas is the Strove Tuesday or Fat Tuesday Pancake Supper. This event has been both a time for connecting with each other with a focus on fundraising for Grace’s Kitchen. This year we are asking you to reach out to each other and set up an on-line time for connecting with an emphasis as well on donations to Grace’s Kitchen.


I know we are all fatigued at this time in our life. However, we continue to rise to the challenge in being the Church and I have confidence and hope we will do so for many years to come. So, my friends in God we turn our energy toward the tasks at hand and enter Lent this year with energy to prepare ourselves to further our mission ‘to restore all people (and creation) to unity with God and each other in Christ’ (BCP, 855).   



Fr. Doug



This year the Pancake Supper is going virtual!! We invite you to gather safely in your homes or with friends & family over Zoom/Facetime, etc. for a breakfast-for-dinner in lieu of our traditional Pancake Supper. Enjoy an excuse for good company and a fun meal – and donations to Grace’s Kitchen will be welcomed! Send us a photo of your “Pancake Supper” to be featured on our Facebook page.


What: A breakfast-for-dinner by you and your family/friends

When: Tuesday, Feb. 16th

Where: In your homes and on your Zooms/Facetimes/etc.


Thank you for all your support of Grace’s Kitchen this year!




Our Ash Wednesday, February 17, will offer be an ‘Ashes-to-go’ service. Ashes will be made available for you to pick up beginning Sunday February 14 for you to impose on yourself and your family with a streamed Ash Wednesday Service that you can participate in at any time on Ash Wednesday. The office will be open Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 9am till noon if you’d like to pick up ashes during the week.



A huge, heartfelt thank you to Roxanne Rogers, Sandy Lauzon, Annika Lewis, and Judy Pappin for all they’ve given to St. Barnabas while members of the Vestry. We are so grateful for your gifts of time, energy, and expertise, especially during this mind-blowingly confusing year!


We excitedly welcome Victoria Atkins, Judy Osterhoudt, Janice Hansen, and Chris Stramel the 2021 Vestry.


Due to COVID, vestry meetings are currently being conducted by Zoom. This year we will ensure that Zoom links are included in the “This Week” email, as all congregation members are welcome to virtually sit in!



Thank you so much to everyone who supports us through the City Market Community Rewards program! When you sign up at City Market, they donate a small percentage of each of your purchase amounts to St. B’s. Last year we raised over $850 through this program!


The dastardly thing about City Market is that they require you to renew your account affiliation each year, so now is the time to either sign up or re-enroll your account!


Here’s how you do it:

1. Go to https://www.citymarket.com/signin?redirectUrl=/account/update/

2. Sign in or create an account

3. Click on “My Account Menu” and select “Community Rewards”

4. Enroll with St. Barnabas (# UI235). If you are already enrolled you will see St. Barnabas’ information already there for your current enrollment.

5. Shop as usual!



While we are apart due to COVID, worship in separation can certainly feel challenging. We hope that you are finding some sense of connection and ritual in the Zoom offerings, and are exciting to have added a couple more worship opportunities (somehow now we have more than we did even before COVID! Life doesn’t always flow in only one direction).

Daily gospel readings and meditation continue to be posted on the website, so we encourage you to partake. They are posted each week. Father Doug and Paxton are now also now offering Compline, evening prayer, via the website.



A reminder for all that we are here to help connect you to what you need during this time of COVID. Please don’t hesitate to call or email Annie – we know this is a strange time and many of us are experiencing challenges that we’re not accustomed to.


Additionally, the 4 Corners Mutual Aid form is a place where people can request assistance and others can sign up to meet their needs (person to person help). Check in out if you need help or if you’d like to offer help to others. You can visit it at: tiny.cc/4CornersMutualAid or call 970-343-4687 to sign up! Please let others know about it or assist them to sign up if they need help.


If you would like to donate to our local Four Corners Mutual Aid Fund to help people in our community pay their rents and take care of other necessities during this time, you can do so at: www.paypal.me/4cornersmutualaid.



We have created a special page on our website specifically about COVID-19, so please visit there or contact the office for more information: www.stbarnabascortez.org/COVID-19.




If you would like to submit an article or announcement for the Tidings, please send it to office@stbarnabascortez.org by 10:00am on the last Thursday of the month!


January 2021


Good Samaritan Food Pantry: $100

The Bridge Emergency Shelter: $100

Montezuma Youth Pride: $0**

Grace’s Kitchen: $406*

Sanctuary at Mancos United Methodist Church: $35*

Rector’s Ministry to Community: $0


*Ministry is funded solely by donation

**Ministry funded solely by donation and grant income




December 2020: 719 Meals Served

Jan-Dec 2020: 9,832

Total Meals Served Since 1998: 223,974




"To have an attitude of faith is to hear the Lord speaking everywhere and all the time, in the concrete and ordinary circumstances of our lives. Then religion and life have become one, and we are never far from God. That's why people of faith never grow old and never grow tired. They don't need signs and wonders, apparitions and visions. God has quietly broken through and stands perfectly revealed in the now of things."


Richard Rohr



We would like to express great appreciation to the following people:


  1. Walt, for shoveling the courtyard (and others who may have helped during these past storms)

  2. Our ongoing donors of bottled water and plastic bags for Grace’s Kitchen

  3. All those who have recently donated to the Rector's Ministry Fund for community and congregational needs.

  4. Thank you for the support from the congregation with gift giving in time, talent, and treasure to the Church in its ministries

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