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Donations, including those for Grace's Kitchen, Montezuma Youth Pride, and the Rector's Ministry Fund, can be mailed to us or dropped off at 110 W. North St.

Scroll down to visit our Paypal link if you'd like to donate online.


When you sign up at City Market and/or Amazon, they donate a small percentage of each of your purchase amounts to St. B’s!

City Market (requires annual renewal):

1. Go to

2. Sign in or create an account

3. Click on “My Account Menu” and select “Community Rewards”

4. Enroll with St. Barnabas (# UI235). If you are already enrolled you will see St. Barnabas’ information already there for your current enrollment.

5. Shop as usual!



1. Go to:

2. Log in to your account

3. Under “Account and Lists” select “Your AmazonSmile”

4. Search for the charity “St Barnabas Episcopal Church” and then find the one in the list that is located in Cortez, Colorado.

5. Click “Select”

6. VERY IMPORTANT: When you do your Amazon shopping, do it at! If you do it at the regular site it will not donate to St. B’s.


Check out our pages for Grace's Kitchen and Montezuma Youth Pride. If you'd like to learn more or lend your time, stop by the office, email, or call us.  Our ministries are congregation and community collaborations and we welcome your help!


Helping to make our community more safe, loving, and healthy for those who are struggling can be such a meaningful way to honor another's gifts or legacy. 

Consider giving to Grace's Kitchen or Montezuma Youth Pride in honor of someone in your life for a birthday, holiday, or other occasion.

Contact the office for more information!

Your Gift Goes A Long Way!

$5 buys 10 meals

$10 buys 20 meals

$25 buys 50 meals

$50 buys 100 meals (a full day at Grace's)

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